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PARTS! Call with or email any questions. Be sure to check our Facebook page for specials!

Yamaha parts diagrams (external link) for reference only, call to order.

Kawasaki parts diagrams (external link) for reference only, call to order.

Distibutor links; goes to their catalog sections for easy browsing. Call to order!

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We have a huge stock of 'New old stock' obsolete vintage parts for both Kaw and Yamaha. The part number lists are available in excel format below. Call with the part number to verify stock and pricing. Please use part numbers.  Email roxys-parts@comcast.net with requests. Be aware as items are sold they will be marked as '0' quantity and not deleted. Old used manuals are available also (late 70' and up). These have not been cataloged (yet), email with requests.

Latest obs/inventory update 12-3-15.

Kawaski obsolete download.            Yamaha obsolete download.

We stock (to name a few) FLY MX gear and clothing, SPY, HJC, Alpinestar, Moose, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Spectro oils, Bel-Ray, Klotz, Lucas oil, Fulmer, Vega, Battery Tender, Yamalube, Maxima, Renthal bars, Pro-Taper, NGK, Power Trip, Joe Rocket, MSR and more!

     Special note for our Jet Ski customers, After 30 years, we are no longer a factory Kawasaki Jet Ski dealer. Because of that the service department is not bringing in watercraft for service any longer. However, we can get aftermarket accessories and hard parts. We always will have in stock Kaw 2 cycle, four stroke oil and filters for your daily needs (batteries and sparkplugs too).